You CAN CHANGE PHYSICIANS after your first doctors visit!

If you have already seen a physician recommended by your employer but you are not satisfied with your care, you can request to switch doctors. If your work injury is recent and you have not yet seen a physician, you can assert your right to see the doctor of your choosing.

You have MORE RIGHTS than you know!

Work with a physician that is on your side

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Legal Representation

Employees commonly believe that their only option for a work related injury is to file a worker’s compensation claim. This is often not the case as there are many times when Arizona workers’ compensation benefits are not enough. In order to make sure you are receiving all of the benefits you are entitled to, it is important to have qualified legal representation that understands workers’ compensation cases. If you need a strong attorney on your case, we can help.

Case Assistance

In Arizona, Workers’ Compensation is administered by the Industrial Commission of Arizona. The ICA enables injured workers to get both the treatment and care they need and the wages they lose from being out of work. When you are injured at work, there are steps you must take to protect your rights, and get the medical care and legal assistance you need quickly. Our team of Workers’ Compensation Experts are here to guide you through the process while making sure your rights are exercised and protected.

Medical Care

Many injured workers assume that their treating physician must be the doctor recommended by their employer, but this is not always true. Additionally, such physicians may be serving the best interests of your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer instead of you. If you have already seen a physician MORE THAN ONE TIME THAT was recommended by your employer but you are not satisfied with your care, you can still request to switch doctors. Most doctors commonly do not have the experience to properly handle your workers’ compensation case.  AZ Injured Worker’s physicians are specialized in the workers’ compensation process to ensure you and your case are treated properly.